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  • The 2010 race dates are now posted. Check them out here
  • New race director for Diez Vista! Welcome the new, old RD George Forshaw who is back organising the race. George designed the course and was the original RD, so it is great to have him on board again.



Points are awarded based on an individuals best top nine age group finishes in any 3 of the 7 races in the series. Age is determined by the first race an individual runs in the series. Points are awarded in the following age/sex categories:

Male/Female: under 40, 40-49, 50+
Place points: 1st=10, 2nd=8, 3rd=7, 4th=6, 5th=5, 6th=4, 7th=3, 8th=2, 9th=1

In the event of a tie after completion of the Series, the following tiebreaker rules will be used in order:

  1. The runner who has completed more Series events is placed ahead.
  2. If the runners have run against each other the higher placing (overall) runner is placed ahead.
  3. The runner who ran in the series final (Walk In The Park 50K) is placed ahead.
  4. If the tie still exists a coin toss will be used.

Series Awards

Nathan HPL001 bag to the fastest three runners to "slam" and complete all seven events in the series. "fastest" means lowest time in the same distance event; if different distances are run, the longer event gets credit over the shorter (100 miles trumps 50 miles, 50 miles trumps 50km, etc...)

Men's and Women's age group awards consisting of packages from nathan human performance systems, CarbBoom gel, HydroBoom drink, and Edge Hydration shwag.

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